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Manfrotto LINO Bag and Apparel Collections

02/28/2011 — 

Manfrotto Bags are proud to announce the launch of the new premium LINO Bag and Apparel Collections.

“LINO Collection came to life with a breakthrough concept of combining two product families; bags & apparel, into a comprehensive system that would offer photographers a brand new luxury photo accessory category and work in unison with key Manfrotto tripods and heads” says Mr. Fabio Prada, Manfrotto Bags Line Manager.

In fine Italian style and in keeping with traditional tailor made practices the highest quality materials were handpicked and specifically matched to each product, down to the smallest detail, and each feature was meticulously designed to correspond with its functionality and aesthetics. Thus LINO Bags and Apparel harmoniously complement each other both in style and functionality and present to the photographic market a unique and luxurious product proposition that simply did not exist beforehand.

With LINO Bags it isn’t just the founder’s name that links the collection to the Manfrotto photo tripods & heads products category, in fact, one of the “must have” features in the bags is to provide a dedicated tripod carrying solution so that the camera support heritage is realized as an important factor in the overall design concept.

With LINO Apparel Manfrotto is blazing a new trail in the photographic world with the introduction of the first ever full apparel line dedicated to professional photographers. For the first time both male and female photographers will find that it is possible to look great and still enjoy functional work wear that enhances the working experience.

LINO Bags and Apparel are designed to be objects of desire that will work hard day in and day out,
supporting your imagination.


Pro Backpacks (2 sizes) Pro Messenger Bags (2 sizes) Pro Roller (1 size)
Astuccio Pouches (3 sizes) Custodia Pouches (2 sizes)

Pro Field Jacket (5 sizes) Pro Photo Vest (5 sizes)  Pro Soft Shell (5 sizes)
Pro Wind Jacket (5 sizes) Pro Photo Gloves (6 sizes) Pro Photo Cap (1 size)

Manfrotto Lino Collection Video.


Lino - Interview with Fabio Prada

If you need the catalogue, please download it here.