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Manfrotto STILE Bag Collection

03/01/2011 — 

Manfrotto Bags are excited to announce the launch of the new STILE Bag Collection.
With this new collection we have set out to create fantastically stylish bags that will suit the everyday digital lifestyle and accommodate digital media gear.

“Like all good things the Manfrotto STILE Bag Collection started with a great story, the story of the incredible 21st century digital revolution... Today It seems natural for all of us to own mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPSs, tablets, e-readers and much, much more, but only 10 years ago most of us couldn’t have imagined the existence of half of these products or envision what the other half would look like down the line. And none of us could have predicted our reliance on such products to support our daily life styles and guide our social activities and interactions” says Mr. Fabio Prada, Manfrotto Bags Line Manager: "For us at Manfrotto the most interesting aspect of this digital revolution story pivots on the world of imagery. We started out in the world of professional photography and feel privileged to be able to still be relevant after more than 40 years in the field."

Photography in the digital era has become accessible to all, allowing us to engage, document and share experiences visually. Instantaneous updating on social networks enhances our experiences and adds a new meaningful layer to our photography. We no longer only want to capture and cherish a moment, we want to share and communicate a variety of experiences and activities with our friends and families. This new lifestyle means that we are increasingly seeking knowledge and tools which will help us create more skillful and attractive photos.

So with the digital social photographers 'framed' as our users, our incredible heritage in the traditional photo world, our history of fine craftsmanship and superb functionality 'in the bag' and our passionate team, we set out to storm the photo bag world and are proud to introduce the STILE Collection.

STILE is Italian for style and we believe that Manfrotto STILE Collection is destined to become synonymous with stylish photo bags!


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Manfrotto Stile Video.


Stile Bags - Interview with Fabio Prada

If you need the catalogue, please download it here.