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Manfrotto announces the 055CXPRO4-M0Q5 Kit

10/24/2011 — 


The product joins our existing catalog of professional kits built around the premium 050 ball heads (MK057C3-M0Q5, 190CXPRO4-M0Q2, 190CXPRO4-M0Q2B).

The kits

These kits are made from magnesium and carbon fiber and represent the very best: lightweight, reliable and durable. When shooting, the ball head guarantees smooth movement, accuracy and precision. The kits are finished in a distinctive gray, or optionally in a special bronze version, 190CXPRO4-M0Q2B.


The MH055MO-Q5 ball head - greater precision and control

The MH055MO-Q5 ball head has high-tech features and is elegant and innovative in its design. Constructed from top quality materials, including new magnesium components, this fully-featured head offers heavy-duty performance from an improved, lightweight construction. Ultra-smooth movements for greater precision and control are guaranteed by a self-lubrication system. For ease of use when rotating the camera between landscape and portrait orientations, the head also allows the photographer to choose whether the ball stops at a perfect 90° angle or at 105-110° when compensating for uneven terrain underfoot.

The Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 4-Section Carbon Fiber Pro Tripod

The Manfrotto 055CXPRO4 4-Section Carbon Fiber Pro Tripod is extremely compact due to its 4-section legs. The leg sections are made from top-quality 100% carbon fiber tubing, and the carbon fiber center column is three-faceted to withstand the pressure of the locking system and to offer resistance to torsion, especially when used in the horizontal position with the camera’s weight off-center. The quick-action leg angle selector allows each leg to be set independently to one of four angle positions. The die-cast magnesium top spider, which also integrates a leveling bubble, features the renowned (and patented) Q90° Quick Center Column system that allows the central column to be positioned horizontally without removing the head or the column itself.
055 Kit Grey,055CXPRO4 Tripod with Ball Head Q5