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Manfrotto presents the new 055 Center Ball Heads

05/28/2011 — 

The 055 ball head range is the perfect partner for 055 Carbon Fiber tripods and offers a wide range of QR attachments which have been ergonomically improved to maximize speed and comfort when attaching and detaching the camera. The 055 range comprises 4 ball heads: one with a traditional disk attachment; another one with a Q2 quick release; one with a Q5 quick release system with increased ergonomics, speed and accuracy thanks to three leveling bubbles; a ball head with a RC4 quick release system, ideal for use with heavy equipment and long lenses thanks to its large contact area.

The 055 range incorporates a robust magnesium body with improved lightness and new ergonomic levers for better comfort and velocity. When operating, each head features a self-lubricating ring for ultra-smooth movement. The unique 90°-105° Portrait Selector increases versatility for vertical shooting both indoors and outdoors. With its innovative mechanisms ensuring precise settings, its outstanding design and advanced ergonomics, the 055 Ball Head range secures its place as the number one choice to complement 055 Carbon Fiber tripods.

• New ergonomic levers
• Improved plate design for fast and comfortable attachment
and detachment of camera
• Exclusive 90°-105° portrait angle selector
• Lightweight magnesium body
• Large movement angles
• Self-lubricating ring
• Ultra precise, smooth movement
• Advanced settings and exclusive features
• Lightweight, durable materials and construction
• Versatility in movement and camera position
• Enhanced ergonomics for increased speed and comfort

If you need the catalogue, please download it

055 Magnesium Ball Head
055 Magnesium Ball Head with Q2 Quick Release
055 Magnesium Ball Head with Q5 Quick Release
055 Magnesium Ball Head with RC4 Quick Release


90°-105° Potrait Selector. More versatility for vertical shooting both indoors and outdoors.
Light weight magnesium body.


050 Ball Head Series - Tutorial Video

If you need the catalogue, please download it here.