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Nicola Cocco / How did you shoot : watchtower in clouds

03/07/2012 — 

Empty spaces, nature greatness and good light are always a good mix to achieve a good shoot, that’s almost true if you like some aspect of the classical and emotive photography. I like to keep the “classical roots” in every picture as a base to build more “modern” or conceptual images like in that winter landscape I took at the sunset.


I was over the top of a mountain near my town (Monte Grappa – Italy is about 1700mt) waiting the sunset and searching for some good subjects in the snow when clouds over the plains started getting more compact. About two hours before the sunset all the plains was covered by the clouds and that’s was a good situation to stay over the top waiting something happening. Most of the people thinks that the coincidences that brings to a good nature shoot (or event shoot) are ruled by luck or prime-time but at the end the real rule is that you have to figure out what is (or can be) happening due to be ready in the right place. So if you’re thinking that something is going to happen then take your time and wait, most of the time, if your feelings are right, you’ll be rewarded.

Back to our shoot, the start of the sunset painted all the clouds with a nice pink warm tones that were working beautifully with the strong blue of the lower landscape. Just before the end of the sunset a ray of light flashed the small watchtower church on the smaller mountain just in front of me. I decided to frame giving more space to the sky and the clouds surrounding the peak with the watchtower to get a more aerial and wide view landscape. It lasted about 6 minutes, but I was there , ready to take that beautiful landscape shoot.

Aperture : f 8

Shutter speed : 1/250

ISO : 250

Focal length : 200mm

Place : Archeson, Monte Grappa, Italy