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The Manfrotto Imagine More Factories world tour is officially launched!

10/25/2011 — 
The Manfrotto world tour has officially started from Beijing and Berlin and throughout 2012 it will bring will bring interactive photo labs dedicated to all photography fans, experts and amateurs alike, to the main squares of the world.
The opening stage in Beijing (October 14–16) – which in just three days registered over 20,000 hits – was followed by the great success of the appointment in Berlin (21–23 October) and will be followed by Hong Kong (November 4–6) and London (November 18–20) dates in 2011. In 2012 it will be the turn of Milan, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Manfrotto, the world leader in premium accessories for the photography and imaging industry, takes to the field and is installing real interactive photography laboratories in the squares of the world’s main capitals.

Set up in temporary spaces dedicated to the Imagine More Factories, the initiative offers the public of “social recorders” – photography enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their pictures on the web – the chance to grapple with all photography tools. At the structures, designed as real “factories for the imagination”, everyone will be able to test their skills and directly experience the excitement of photographing – and being photographed – in professional photo shoots. So far we have registered: over 800 participants in the Beijing factory and over 6.000 people in the Berlin date who completed the experience offered by Manfrotto Imagine More.

To encourage the sharing of experience within the Factories and create a truly global story, the pictures taken within each photo lab will be uploaded to the Manfrotto Imagine More International Facebook page ( more), allowing all those who participated to share and comment on the photo shoots starring them.

The Imagine More Factories tour represents the culmination of the Imagine More Roadshow 2011, the “course” of events and initiatives developed by Manfrotto to promote imagination through images as a new universal meta-language.

The project started in May with a big party in New York and continued at the last Venice Film Festival in the presence of Violante Placido, with the presentation of a short movie directed by Bill Frakes and made with the texts and pictures of all the users who participated in the Imagine More international online competition. The initiative will be completed with the live encounter of “social recorders” in the main squares of the world. After Beijing and Berlin, it will go to Hong Kong (4–6 November) and London (18–20 November). In 2012 it will be the turn of Milan (Italy), New York (United States), Paris (France) and Tokyo (Japan).