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About the Camera Support System Configurator - Tripod + Head Chooser


We are glad to introduce the new
interactive camera support system configurator.

interactive: maximum attention has been given to the user interface. Easy to use and very intuitive, it will be able to guide you through our catalogue according to your needs, and at the same time to teach you a bit more about the world of Manfrotto photo camera support systems.

camera: The tool has been specifically designed for photo camera users of any kind and level of competence.

support system: This is not just a tripod chooser, but a "support system" configurator. It allows you to build your own combination of head and tripod according to your needs.

configurator: Not just a chooser, but a way to browse the products in a smart way, with lots of contents and useful tips... even more importantly a way to make your own personalized system.

Based on your choices, the configurator identifies suitable heads and tripods...


...and gives you a more detailed overview of the ideal system for your photography

The interactive tool - how it works.

Need HelpThe configurator can be used in two different modes:
1. User Needs Mode
2. Tech Needs Mode:

1. User Needs Mode

In the user needs mode, the systems suggests what should be a good product choice according to some parameters that the user is required to provide: Camera Weight, Camera Use and Camera Type. This mode is suggested for unexperienced users and photogrphers who have never approached the world of tripods and heads.

Camera Weight

Camera WeightA fundamental parameter when it comes to choosing the right camera support equipment. Tripods and heads, according to the materials and technology they are built with, have specific payloads which must be tuned to the weight of the equipment one uses to take pictures.

Camera Use

Camera UseHeads are very interesting pieces of equipment, that according to their nature (three ways, center ball...) can work very well in specific situations. Some of them can be very fast to set up or very precise. The Camera Use parameter allows the system to give the user a selection of head types as best fitting its needs.

Camera Type

Camera TypeThe camera type very often is a sign of the type of photographer one is. The system uses this parameter to discretely suggest the tripod family that Manfrotto has designed specifically for that kind of camera and photographer. For a popup window with a list of example camera types, click here.

2. Tech Needs Mode

For more experienced photgraphers, this mode provides the user with a set of technical parameters aiming at better define the choice of its system. These parameters are:
  1. Camera Weight / Max Load
    Max Load
  2. Tripod Maximum Weight
    Maximum Weight
  3. Tripod Maximum Height
    Maximum Height
  4. Closed Tripod Length
    Close Length
  5. Tripod/head material