Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


Lighting booms and boom stands provide the ideal unobtrusive way to position lighting and reflector equipment directly above the subject. The incredible number and variety of flash and continuous lights used, as well as their positioning requirements, have quickly made this range one of our most comprehensive lines.




G-Peso, 7kg Counterweight
Part Number: 022


L-Peso, 4.3kg Counterweight
Part Number: 023


Super Boom Pivot Clamp
Part Number: 123

0.72 kg

Pivoting Clamp For Light Boom
Part Number: 124

0.67 kg

Mini Counterweight (1.3 Kg)
Part Number: 172


Mini Boom Arm, Black
Part Number: 173B

0.32 kg

Mini Boom Arm Black, 1.5m
Part Number: 173HOB

0.4 kg

Sand Bag large 35 Kg
Part Number: G300