Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Stacker Stand

With the piling system, portability is at its best! Lock them together to save room in the studio or carry them in a compact case to easily bring them with you for outdoor shooting. The new baby stand is even able to stand up when it’s closed.


closed length

load capacity

maximum height

minimum height



STACKER ST BLK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4
Part Number: 305B

64.0 cm 4 kg 217.0 cm 66.0 cm 1.1 kg

STACKER ST.BLK 5/8+3/8+ADP.1/4
Part Number: 307B

110.0 cm 9 kg 385.0 cm 112.0 cm 2.3 kg

Black Aluminium 3-Sections Stacker Stand
Part Number: 306B

87.0 cm 5 kg 250.0 cm 89.0 cm 1.3 kg

Black Stacker Stand set of 3
Part Number: 306BSET

87.0 cm 250.0 cm 89.0 cm 1.3 kg