Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Camera Stands

The Manfrotto range of Studio Stands offer professionals in the studio rock-steady supports for cameras of all formats. Each stand has a column in black anodized extruded aluminum and is available with either a sliding or a geared horizontal cross arm that can be raised or lowered and moved precisely from side to side to achieve the exact position for the perfect shot. The studio stands have a rigid steel base for stability and incorporate wheels to move them effortlessly around the studio; a break system locks the stand in the required position. Manfrotto Studio Stands, with their practical range of accessories, are the best solution to your camera support needs.


load capacity

maximum height

minimum height



Mini Static
Part Number: 800

8 kg 162.0 cm 92.0 cm 23 kg

Mini Salon
Part Number: 806

10 kg 182.0 cm 56.0 cm 34 kg

Salon 230
Part Number: 809

15 kg 221.0 cm 57.0 cm 64 kg

Tower Stand 260 cm
Part Number: 816

15 kg 274.0 cm 60.0 cm 80 kg

Tower Stand 230 cm
Part Number: 816,1

25 kg 274.0 cm 60.0 cm 80 kg