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Continuous LED Lights

LED lighting for videography and photography is a relatively new technology, having been developed for this use only in the last twelve years. It is widely used in Hollywood and TV and movie studios Worldwide and is a cool running, energy efficient, light source with a beautiful quality of light giving excellent colour rendition and natural skin tones. This LED technology is not just limited to large panels of light, but is also available in small, portable, battery operated units that sit on video cameras or many other DSLRs or mirrorless cameras that are available in today’s market.Manfrotto ML LED series are a complete family of six beautifully designed constant LED lights which come in four different sizes, offering increasing light output, and with varying levels of specification to meet many different requirements.Some units feature full dimmer control when you need to adjust the exposure on or during a shoot, others have the facility to provide a short burst of light when shooting stills in dark situations, adding a little more creativity to your images. Manfrotto’s ML series use only the highest quality LEDs, with tight tolerance controls on both the colour temperature and brightness. The voltage and thermal control of the electronics are designed to maximise the LED life and colour output over time, which means you can buy any of the ML series with confidence that you will be getting the best LED light quality on the market today. From the Pocket ML120 to the Maxima ML840H, there will be a Manfrotto ML series light to suit you.
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LED Light - Midi-36 Continuous (420lx@1m), Dimmer
Part Number: ML360


LED Light - Pocket-12 Continuous (120lx@1m)
Part Number: ML120


LED Light - Mini-24 Continuous (220lx@1m)
Part Number: ML240


LED Light - Midi-36 Hybrid (420lx@1m), Dimmer, 4x Flash
Part Number: ML360H


LED Light - Midi-36 Hybrid+ (420lx@1m), Dimmer, Flash, Gels
Part Number: ML360HP


LED Light - Maxima-84 Hybrid+ (850lx@1m) Dimmer, Flash, Gels
Part Number: ML840H