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SYMPLA’s name says it all - this is a professional rig system that removes the complexity present in so many others: we reduced the variety of components and streamlined the system without limiting what can be done with it. We removed screws, grouped locking levers and applied industrywide standards to make it easy to set up and intuitive to use. And then we made it comfortable and stable to hold, with ergonomically positionable elements, carefully studied controls and innovative remote units that make you, your camera and your SYMPLA rig work as one.
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SYMPLA Shoulder Pad
Part Number: MVA511W


SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox, two 4x4'' holders and rubber hood
Part Number: MVA512W


SYMPLA Fixed Plate (1-axis adjust) with QR camera plate
Part Number: MVA513W


SYMPLA Lens Support, height-adjustable
Part Number: MVA514W


SYMPLA Variable Plate (3-axis adjust) with QR camera plate
Part Number: MVA515W


SYMPLA Camera Body Support, height-adjustable
Part Number: MVA516W


SYMPLA Universal Mount, with threads: 4x 3/8'' + 2x 1/4''
Part Number: MVA517W


SYMPLA Adjustable Handles with ball swivel joints
Part Number: MVA518W


SYMPLA Horizontal Offset - fits Rod screw junctions
Part Number: MVA519W


SYMPLA Rods - 300mm, Long. Pair + 2x screw junctions
Part Number: MVA520W