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With a wide range of components for different applications - like the unique Flexible Mattebox, the versatile Variable Plate, the innovative Remote Controls - customised SYMPLA supports and accessories can be assembled in seconds, without tools. You can shoot shoulder-mounted for responsive eye-level footage; with innovative supports like the Fig Rig that open up new creative possibilities; or on the stable platform of a monopod or tripod... and you can switch quickly between them all. SYMPLA products are developed and engineered for ease and speed of set-up, and to make configuration of the basic components as flexible and fast as possible; so even a change of application, like completely changing the mattebox system from tripod-mounted to shoulder-supported, is quick and easy.
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SYMPLA Shoulder Support System - Complete Kit
Part Number: MVA511WK


SYMPLA Flexible Mattebox System - Complete Kit
Part Number: MVA512WK


SYMPLA Long Lens Support System - Complete Kit
Part Number: MVA513WK