Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Dollies And Spreaders

For use in studios and on flat, level ground, dollies help you move your tripod and heavy equipment around without having to pick it up and risk overbalancing it, and are ideal for video work where a rail/carriage system would be impractical or too rigid. Often used in broadcast applications. Ground and mid-level spreaders are used for adding extra stability and to prevent accidentally knocking the tripod legs apart mid-shot.



load capacity



Part Number: 057B


Mid-Level Spreader
Part Number: 350SPR


Video/Movie Heavy Dolly
Part Number: 114

1120 60 kg 8 kg

Cine/Video Dolly with Spiked Feet
Part Number: 114MV

112 60 kg 6.2 kg

Basic Dolly
Part Number: 127

1100 10 kg 2.4 kg

Variable Spread Basic Dolly
Part Number: 127VS

10 kg 3.4 kg

Tripod Spreader
Part Number: 165

0.65 kg

Tripod Spreader/Spiked
Part Number: 165MV

0.65 kg

Automatic Folding Dolly
Part Number: 181

1270 25 kg 4.5 kg

Automatic Folding Dolly Black
Part Number: 181B

1270 25 kg 4.5 kg