Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Art Pro Twin Leg

The Manfrotto video tripod range has been created in order to consider various types of uses and operator needs, offering both twin-leg and singleleg tripods, using high-performing components and materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium, magnesium and high quality technopolymers. The choice between twin-leg and single-leg technology depends on the weight of the camera, special needs in terms of compactness, leg low-angles, size of the half-bowl, lightness, etc. considering the different cameras and environments. All the tripods can be customised with a wide range of suggested accessories such as mid and ground spreaders, different feet and dollies.


closed length

leg sections

load capacity

maximum height

minimum height



Part Number: 540ART


Road Runner Video Tripod Aluminium
Part Number: 532ART

73.0 cm 3 number 15 kg 152.0 cm 40.0 cm 4.4 kg

ART Pro Carbon Fibre Video Tripod
Part Number: 542ART

73.0 cm 3 number 15 kg 152.0 cm 40.0 cm 4 kg