Manfrotto ™
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Single Leg

MPRO tripods unite performance and functionality. A torsion rigidity superior to that of an equivalent aluminium twin-strut tripod means that an MPRO tripod offers better protection against 'backlash' effects at the end of pan movements. Special carbon fibre tubing and magnesium castings also bring notable weight savings to the MPRO range, making them easy to carry and transport. Another feature worth pointing out is that MPRO tripods also offer incredibly versatile and speedy height adjustment anywhere, without needing any accessories.


closed length

leg sections

load capacity

maximum height

maximum height (with centre column down)

minimum height



117B Video/Movie tripod Inox Legs
Part Number: 117X


055 Wilderness Tripod Black
Part Number: 055XWNB

61.0 cm 3 number 7 kg 178.0 cm 137.5 cm 7.0 cm 2.3 kg

117B Professional Video/Movie Triopd Black
Part Number: 117B

94.0 cm 2 number 18 kg 173.0 cm 147.0 cm 46.0 cm 5.7 kg

528XB Pro Video Heavy Tripod
Part Number: 528XB

99.0 cm 2 number 50 kg 148.0 cm 73.0 cm 7.4 kg